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do plantation shutters add value to your home

Do Plantation Shutters Add Value to Your Home?

Add an instant upgrade of elegance to your home with indoor plantation shutters. They are a work of art and are loved by homeowners for many reasons. They match any type of decor, and they are classic and timeless window treatment products that never go out of style, so

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Save Energy, Stay Cool

In Arizona, especially in the summer months, a common question is “What shades do the best to reduce the heat?” That’s a loaded question for sure. There are a lot of priorities people have to arrange when choosing new shades: Price This certainly feels like most people’s priority when they

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graber wood blinds 05

Thinking about Basic Blinds…?

Take a lot of calls where the first thing the customer will tell me is “We just want basic blinds… just cheap basic faux blinds, like we can buy at Home Depot”. No problem. But that’s like saying I just need food. I’m sure if you were offered cereal,

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