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cordless cellular shade

A Guide to the Technology Behind Cordless Cellular Shades

Cordless cellular shades are an advanced window treatment that utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide homeowners with safety, convenience, and style. Continue reading to gain more insight into what distinguishes them, their operation process and key advantages over conventional window coverings. What Are Cordless Cellular Shades, And How Do They

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The Advantages of Motorized Controls for Woven Shades

Woven shades made from materials like bamboo, grass cloth or vinyl are a popular window covering option, providing a natural, textured look for light filtering and privacy. Advancements in motorization systems now allow woven shades to be operated remotely, via app, voice control or automated scheduling. Motors can be

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Apartment Makeover: The Top Window Shades To Consider

Apartment Makeover: The Top Window Shades to Consider

Deciding whether or not to have your apartment makeover can seem daunting, but small upgrades like installing stylish new window shades can make a big difference. The right window treatments can transform any room from drab to fab. From contemporary rolls to classic panels, shades look chic but also

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