5 Best Blinds to Keep Heat Out

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Keep the Arizona Heat At Bay With The Best Blinds On The Market

Your home fights hard against the desert sun to keep cool. Fortunately, you can support its efforts by choosing some of the best blinds to keep heat out that will still look amazing. Here’s more about the most popular interior shutters in Phoenix for beating the heat, as shared by the experts from Best Blinds & Sexy Shutters.

Selecting Window Blinds To Beat the Heat Has Never Been Easier

Blinds come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, each with its ups and downs. So, what’s the goal when considering the best blinds for you to keep the heat out of your living spaces? The experts advise focusing on ways to reduce energy costs while preventing heat. 

Here are five types of window treatments that might fit the bill:

#1 Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters are extremely effective at both blocking natural light and reducing heat. Due to its density, wood makes a great insulator. That means it should lower your energy bills for cooling during the summer months.

#2 Roman Shades

Roman shades are another great alternative in a huge variety of colors and materials. The design allows you to adjust the desired amount of light by raising or lowering them. And for convenience, there’s the option for motorized control.

These Roman shades can also block heat well, thanks to their folding design. They should boost energy savings by creating another insulation layer.

#3 Horizontal Interior Blinds

Horizontal blinds differ from traditional blinds because they do not have route holes that allow light and heat to permeate the interior. By placing these route holes on the back of the slat, horizontal blinds can close tighter to block all incoming light and heat with a robust insulating layer.

#4 Cellular Shades

Consisting of a series of hexagonal cells, cellular shades remain a highly popular choice for window insulation purposes. The cells work as pockets, trapping air to insulate your interior better. They are available in a variety of colors and fabric densities for you to choose your preferred opacity.

Cellular shades will be able to let some sunlight in if you want to while also blocking heat. A professional can help you choose the right opacity for your space.

#5 Layered Window Treatments

In some cases, it’s helpful to layer several options to keep out the summer heat. This approach gives you virtually limitless options for designing your blinds. For example, you can layer a lightly opaque cellular shade with wooden shutters, with opening both enabling you to let in light but still block the sun’s heat or close the shutters for privacy.

Beat the Heat in Phoenix with the Perfect Blinds and Shutters

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