5 Stylish Front Door Awning Designs to Elevate Your Home’s Look

front door awnings ideas

Installing an awning above your front door is a sure way to enhance its curb appeal while providing shade from the sun and protecting it from weather elements. There is an array of designs available, and you are bound to find one to complement the architecture of your home – here are five stylish awning […]

Rustic or Modern? Choosing the Right Style of Barn Doors for Bedrooms

Rustic Or Modern? Choosing The Right Style Of Barn Doors For Bedrooms

Barn doors extend interior design flair through dimensional sliding functionality, freeing up valuable floor space. Their versatile styles blend beautifully into bedroom decors spanning from cozy vintage to sleek contemporary. Discover helpful considerations when deciding on the perfect barn door type to complement your overall vision. Rustic Barn Door Styles Hand-crafted from natural distressed woods […]

Are Shutters Still in Style in 2023?

are shutters still in style

If you’re looking at options for window treatments, you’ve probably heard someone rave about shutters, but are shutters still in style? Shutters are still a great option for window treatments; keep reading to discover why. As the best interior shutters provider in Phoenix, Best Blinds & Sexy Shutters knows all the benefits of shutters and can […]

Keep Your Window Shutters Looking New with Our Expert Cleaning Tips

Window Shutters

Indoor plantation shutters are beautiful, promote ventilation, and increase the value of your home. Window shutters are very durable and last a lifetime, but as with any other home items, they need to be cleaned to remain in pristine shape. It’s not a terribly large task to dust them once every two weeks and deep […]

Installing Plantation Shutters In Your Phoenix Homes: Pros and Cons

plantation shutters pros and cons

Plantation shutters: where traditional interior design meets functionality. If you are looking for a timeless and classic window treatment that never goes out of style and has the ultimate lighting control, then plantation shutters are the product for you. Installing indoor shutters in your Phoenix home is an investment that will allow you to keep […]

Do Plantation Shutters Add Value to Your Home?

do plantation shutters add value to your home

Add an instant upgrade of elegance to your home with indoor plantation shutters. They are a work of art and are loved by homeowners for many reasons. They match any type of decor, and they are classic and timeless window treatment products that never go out of style, so you won’t need to replace them […]