Innovative Barn Door Ideas to Elevate Your Home’s Aesthetic

barn door ideas

Barn doors are having a major moment in interior design. With their space-saving sliding functionality and unique rustic-chic look, these stylish doors are an easy way to add a focal point to any room. From modern metallic designs to reclaimed wood doors with an old-world vibe, the options for customizing sliding barn doors are practically […]

Rustic or Modern? Choosing the Right Style of Barn Doors for Bedrooms

Rustic Or Modern? Choosing The Right Style Of Barn Doors For Bedrooms

Barn doors extend interior design flair through dimensional sliding functionality, freeing up valuable floor space. Their versatile styles blend beautifully into bedroom decors spanning from cozy vintage to sleek contemporary. Discover helpful considerations when deciding on the perfect barn door type to complement your overall vision. Rustic Barn Door Styles Hand-crafted from natural distressed woods […]

Save Energy, Stay Cool


In Arizona, especially in the summer months, a common question is “What shades do the best to reduce the heat?” That’s a loaded question for sure. There are a lot of priorities people have to arrange when choosing new shades: Price This certainly feels like most people’s priority when they first start their shopping. Don’t make […]

Thinking about Basic Blinds…?

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Take a lot of calls where the customer will first tell me, “We just want basic blinds… just cheap basic faux blinds, as we can buy at Home Depot.” No problem. But that’s like saying I need food. I’m sure if you were offered cereal, desserts, Italian food, or a plate of vegetables, you’d have […]