Upgrade Your Home’s Security and Privacy with Motorized Exterior Blackout Shades

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When you leave home for work to run errands or for an extended vacation, you will likely want to make sure your home is safe and secure. If you have a smart home with an alarm system, lighting controls, and HVAC controls, you can add smart window coverings too. Motorized exterior blackout shades can give you an added layer of security and privacy while you are away from home.

Roller Shades in the bedroom

Extra Security with Motorized Exterior Blackout Shades

When closed, motorized exterior blackout shades don’t allow anyone to see in your windows. Would be burglars will pass up a home that they can’t see in because they aren’t sure if anyone is home, and they can’t see what valuables you have in your living space. This is an added layer of security to coincide with your smart lighting system. Homeowners often program their lights to turn on and off at different times of the day and night when they are out of town, so it appears that someone is indeed home.

Energy Efficiency at Its Best

The combination of all of your smart home’s applications can save you a great deal of money on your energy costs. Setting your home’s temperature higher on your smart thermostat in the summer when  you leave to go to work and having it cool more automatically before you arrive home, keeps you comfortable when you are home, but saves electricity while you are away.

When you install motorized exterior blackout shades on your home, it adds a considerable level of insulation to your home all year round. The heat and sunlight don’t even touch the windows in the summer. When sunlight shines in windows, it heats up the glass and the inside of your home, just like using a magnifying glass to magnify the heat. Blocking this out will keep your home much cooler with less need for air conditioning with a solar shade. 

In the winter, the opposite is true. The cold air isn’t allowed to touch your windows to make the inside of your home colder, so you can use less heating. When you are home, and it’s cool outside, you can open your motorized exterior blackout shades to allow some sunshine into your home and allow it to warm up naturally with less energy needed.

Increases Safety Measures

Motorized window treatments also have no dangling cords for children or pets to be entangled in and cause them harm. This makes them safe for all exterior windows in your home, no matter the size or shape. As an additional benefit, your exterior window treatments look sleek and more streamlined without any cords or wands to control them to make each room in your home appear more polished and refined.

Advantages for Skylights and Large Windows and Doors

Motorized Window Treatments for Skylight and Large Windows

Motorized exterior blackout shades work exceptionally well in very large windows, where traditional window coverings inside your home are hard to operate because of the sheer weight of the materials. The same is true for sliding glass patio doors, which have large expanses of glass.

No longer do you need to leave  your skylights covered all the time or leave them open all the time because they are hard to reach. The motorized option can open and close exterior shades on a pre-set time schedule that you choose.

Several Modes of Operation

Your exterior motorized window treatments can be operated in several different ways, and they are tied into your existing smart hub in your home for smooth performance. You can set your schedules to open, close or adjust the shades automatically. If you decide you want to change that schedule, it merely takes the touch of a button on a remote control, your Smart phone, or tablet to override the schedule and adjust your shades.

Specialized Exterior Shade Fabrics

Expertly matched to your home’s exterior, you can choose from several different colors of blackout fabrics. The fabric gives you complete privacy from neighbors, passersby on the street and cars on the street as well. The great thing about it, though, is that you can still see clearly through the fabric to the outside world.

Shading Your Exterior Entertaining Areas

Another advantage to exterior roller shades is that you can have them installed over the openings between support legs on a porch, patio or deck with a roof. This gives you a private area where you can enjoy company, food and friends or just relax in cool and comfortable temperatures without the sun beaming in on you or on your windows. Stay up to 20 degrees cooler in your outdoor areas with exterior shades in Arizona, the sunniest and most arid state in the United States.

Motorized Exterior Blackout Shades for Outdoor Patio

Protecting Your Furnishings

The sun’s hot UV rays that shine constantly on your home furnishings such as your flooring, furniture and paintings in your home will eventually start to fade them prematurely, and they will need replacing. Outdoor shades protect all your indoor items by blocking out the sunlight from entering your windows. If you use them to provide shade on a porch, patio or deck, they will also protect your outdoor furniture from fading, having thinning materials and eventually tearing.


Motorized exterior blackout shades not only provide you with cooling comfort, but they give you an added layer of safety and security while making them easy to operate and look very sophisticated at the same time. 

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