How to Measure Blinds for Windows in Four Steps

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The way your blinds fit onto your windows can make a huge difference on the amount of light control you have in your house. If you have improperly fitted blinds, excess sunlight could lead to an expensive air conditioning bill in the summertime. As a leading force in Arizona’s custom blinds industry, here are our best tips on how to measure blinds for windows. 

Inside vs. Outside

Before measuring, you have to decide which type of mounting you would like for your blinds. Inside mounted blinds sit within the frame of the window and do not protrude beyond it. This style is simple and clean, taking up less space and using less material than the outside-mounted style. 

Outside mounted blinds cover more than just the window itself, mounting to the top of the molding and extending over the sides. This type of window treatment is a popular choice for those who want their window to appear bigger or want to cover up an unattractive window. 

Knowing how to measure blinds for windows is essential for light control. This is especially true for the bedroom, as even the smallest amount of light can seriously impact your sleep!


If you choose to get inside-mounted blinds, follow these four easy steps for accurate measurements to ensure a properly fitted window covering. 

  1. Measure the width of the window frame from its inside edge. Take three horizontal measurements: one from the top of the window, one from the bottom, and one from the middle. 
  2. Of the three measurements, record the narrowest width. This ensures your blinds will not be too wide or rub up against your window frame. 
  3. Repeat step one but in a vertical fashion. Measure the height of the window from three points, going from the top inside edge of the frame to the top of your windowsill. If you do not have a windowsill, measure down to the point where you would like the blinds to be at their lowest. 
  4. Typically, you should use the longest height recorded to ensure that light will not be able to peek through the bottom of your blinds. If you have concerns about the blinds rubbing against your windowsill, you may like to use the shortest measurement instead. 


For outside-mounted blinds, the measuring process is slightly different. Take measurements from the very top and outer sides of the molding or frame rather than the insides. These measurements depend on where exactly you would like the blinds to sit, but we recommend adding three inches to the total width and an inch or two to the height for full coverage.

Understanding how to measure blinds for windows ensures you will have the exact look you are trying to achieve. Regardless of the type of window covering you choose, professional installation is always a good choice.

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