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When you are shopping for new window treatments, you will notice that there is a huge array of different types available. Hard window treatments include shutters and blinds, while soft window treatments made of fabric include drapery, blinds, and shades with many different styles of each. Your window treatments should match the specific spaces of your home to provide privacy, energy efficiency, and lighting control and look great as well. Read on to learn how to choose the perfect window treatments.


Factors to Consider When Selecting a Window Treatment

Several factors come into play when you are selecting new window treatments for your home.

  1. The Function of The Window Treatment
    Identify the function of your window coverings, such as what you need them to do for that particular space in your home. Do you need lighting control from the hot sun and UV rays? Do you also need more insulation from the heat in the summer, and how much privacy do you need in that room of your home?
  2. The Style and Design of The Room
    Your window treatments should also match the style of your room and its design. A formal dining room should have window treatments to match with perhaps drapery panels with a formal pleating style, such as a goblet pleat for the header.
  3. The Size and Shape of the Window
    In this case, size does definitely matter. Some window coverings are made especially for large windows and sliding glass doors., such as vertical blinds, which open and close without hindering the door when you open and close it. They appear to make your room look actually taller and more expansive. Smaller windows look better when dressed in blinds with more narrow slats, so as not to overwhelm the window. The shape can be accommodated with any type of window treatment when you choose custom window treatments.
  4. The Direction the Window Faces
    Windows that face south need the most lighting and heat control as well as insulation from the hot summer rays. Windows that face west need the second most protection from the early morning sun. Your other windows will get less sunlight and can be lighter in their materials, such as sheer curtains to adjust the amount of light in your dining room.
  5. Budget Considerations
    You need to take into account your budget as a large consideration. It’s very easy to go overboard when choosing a beautiful window covering solution. An experienced designer can help you to get the look you desire but within your budget, by changing the fabric on your window treatments, a finishing touch, or the style so as not to break the bank.

Different Types Of Window Treatment and Their Specific Benefits

Each type of window treatment gives you specific benefits, and knowing about them can help you make the best decision for every room in your home.


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Blinds are extremely durable no matter what materials you choose, from wood to fabric. They control light very well in both the horizontal and vertical styles because the vanes overlap each other when closed, and you can tilt the vanes to filter light in your indoor spaces. The design of blinds also gives; you great energy efficiency as well.


custom shutters in Phoenix, AZ

Shutters are made of hardwood or composite materials and are the most durable window products on the market with a lifetime warranty. They have excellent insulation from real wood or composite materials, and you can choose from many different styles. You can swing the shutter panels open to enjoy natural light on a beautiful day.


custom shades in Phoenix, AZ

Shades are available in many different styles, from roller shades, Roman shades, cellular shades, woven shades, and more types of fabric shades. They are also made of fabric with a simple design to control your light and give you excellent insulation while being very customizable.


Tips For Selecting The Best Window Treatment For a Specific Space

These four tips can help you to shop for window treatments for your home and make the best selections possible.

  1. Measure the window and window frame correctly to make certain your window treatments fit properly. Measure the width at the top of the window, center, and bottom of the window and record the shortest measurement. Measure the height at the left, center, and right of the window and record the smallest measurement. Windows are not always perfectly plumb, so this will help you to choose window treatments that fit the best for your windows.
  2. Consider the window treatment, its function, and how it will be used. Choose window treatments based on the most important factors of durability, lighting control, versatility, and privacy for your space.
  3. Choose a style that complements your room’s design and decor in your living room for the best results. Choose a window treatment that blends in with its surroundings to let other aesthetics in your room take center stage. Otherwise, in a room that is mostly monochromatic, you can choose something with a bright pop of color to serve as a focal point.
  4. Consider the care and maintenance requirements of the window treatment. Curtains and drapes with pleats are a bit more intensive to keep clean than other window treatments that merely need dusting, such as blinds, shades, and shutters. Items with lower maintenance requirements work best in rooms with high traffic, such as living rooms and dining rooms.


Final Thoughts

Many factors are involved in choosing the perfect window treatments, such as function, style, lighting requirements, insulation, and privacy concerns. Making the correct choice will satisfy your needs for each space and make it look beautiful. It’s important to choose a custom window treatment expert, such as Best Blinds & Sexy Shutters, with years of experience to achieve all your desires in your products.

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