The Advantages of Motorized Controls for Woven Shades

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Woven shades made from materials like bamboo, grass cloth or vinyl are a popular window covering option, providing a natural, textured look for light filtering and privacy. Advancements in motorization systems now allow woven shades to be operated remotely, via app, voice control or automated scheduling. Motors can be integrated into the shade roller or mounted externally and linked to the shade. This allows the raising, lowering and tilting of shades to be adjusted with precision but without the need for cords.

Benefits of Motorized Woven Shades


One of the biggest advantages of motorized shades is the convenience of controlling them remotely. Instead of having to walk to each window and manually adjust the shades, you can operate them from a sleek remote control, smartphone app, or even by voice command. Say goodbye to inconvenient pull cords and say hello to the ability to operate all your shades with the push of a button.

Woven Shades | The Advantages of Motorized Controls for Woven Shades


Motorized systems allow you to position the shades at the exact right height or angle to control incoming light. Whether you need to lower a shade to block glare on your TV screen or raise it to let in some natural light, motorization gives you precision control. Tilt features allow just the right amount of privacy while still permitting outside views.


For hard-to-reach windows like skylights or clerestories, motorized shades make operation actually possible. No more struggling with a pole to adjust your skylight shade. Motorization also makes shade control accessible for those with mobility limitations or disabilities.

Smart functionality

Today’s motorized shades offer impressive smart features. Program your shades to follow automated schedules to imitate natural usage patterns while you’re away from home. Control shades in groups from one centralized location. Save and activate specific “scenes” like shutting all shades at night with one click.

Increased independence for the mobility challenged

Controls that are accessed via remote or voice activation mean less reliance on manual operation of cord pulls. This allows more independence and improved quality of life for those with dexterity challenges or limited mobility.

Safety features like auto-stop/reverse sensors

Built-in sensor technology provides protection you can’t get from standard shades. Auto-stop and reverse functionality prevents motorized shades from lowering onto kids, pets or valuable items if something is obstructing them. Safety features give peace of mind.

Considerations When Choosing Motorized Systems

When selecting a motorized shade system, there are a few key factors to consider:

The Advantages of Motorized Controls for Woven Shades

Shade specifications

Evaluate the width, length, and weight of your shades to ensure the motorization system you choose can handle the torque and lift capacity needed. Systems have limits, so verifying your shades fall within supported dimensions is crucial.

Power options

Battery-powered motors provide flexibility for installation, but will need periodic battery replacement. Hardwired motors are permanently powered, but may require professional installation of electrical wiring. Choose based on convenience versus long-term costs.

Control features

Compare control options like dedicated remotes, Wi-Fi/app control through a smartphone or tablet, voice control integration, wall keypads, centralized control panels, etc. Determine which features would be most convenient for your needs.

Additional expenses

Factor in potential wiring expenses for hardwired systems as well as costs for hubs and monthly subscriptions that may be required for app control, automation, or voice integration. Hidden fees can add up.


Ensure the motorized system works with your existing shade hardware or can be integrated into new shades you purchase. Compatibility eliminates frustrating limitations.

Ease of programming

Look for a motorization system with simple, intuitive programming of schedules, scenes, automation, and other features. Complicated setups create headaches.

Functionality and Features

Motorized shades offer impressive functionality through advanced features and options. Today’s systems provide more than just basic raise and lower capabilities – they give you intelligent control and automation. Here are some of the most useful features and functions to consider when selecting a motorized shade system:

Precision adjustment

Motorized systems allow you to fine tune the shade height and tilt angle to optimize lighting and minimize glare. No more guessing with manual operation. Get the lighting exactly how you need it.

Programmable timers

Set schedules for your motorized shades to operate automatically at certain times each day. Raise shades in the morning to greet the sunrise, or close them in the evening for privacy without touching a button.

Integration with smart home systems

Many motorized shade systems can integrate with home automation platforms, allowing you to control your shades alongside lighting, HVAC, security systems and more for complete home control.

Motion sensor activation

Motion sensors allow motorized shades to respond in real time by raising when motion is detected in a room and lowering after a set time once the room is empty again.

Remote and group control

Centralized and remote capabilities allow you to easily control multiple shades in unison with the push of one button, instead of adjusting each shade individually.

Child safety features

Options like passcode protection on remote controls prevent unauthorized operation of the motorized shades by children. Give you peace of mind.

Obstacle detection

Safety features like auto-stop and reverse stop shades if obstructed, preventing damage. This is an important factor to consider when you have kids and pets in your home.

Special Benefits for Commercial Installations

For businesses and commercial spaces, motorized shades offer some powerful benefits not as applicable in residential settings. When evaluating window treatments for your professional space, consider these key benefits of motorization:

  1. Access to hard-to-reach windows
    Motorization allows easy control of shades in spaces like atriums, clerestories and skylights that would be difficult or impossible to operate manually. This allows better lighting management.
  2. Scene setting capabilities
    For conference rooms and auditoriums, preset “scenes” can be programmed to arrange multiple shades into positions optimized for presentations, meetings or events. Adjusting many shades manually would be time-consuming.
  3. Automated schedules
    In office spaces with large windows, motorized shades allow programming of schedules tailored to sunlight patterns and glare. This removes the need for employees to manually adjust shades throughout the day.
  4. Zoned light control
    Large rooms used for varied purposes can be divided into zones with shades programmed separately. This allows customization of the environment quickly and easily.
    AV system integration – Motorized shades can integrate with AV systems to automatically lower when presentations begin. This avoids forgetting to lower shades first and glare disrupting viewers.
  5. Security integration
    Integration with security systems allows automated closing of shades at night and reopening in the morning in sync with arming/disarming for convenience and enhanced security.

Adding the Element of Ease to Your Windows

Motorized shades offer convenience through remote access and automation. Controlling sunlight, lighting, and glare is now easy with configurable settings brought by motorized shades. Adding a motor function also improves accessibility, offering ease and comfort, especially for those with mobility challenges. Though initial costs are higher, motorized shades can be a worthwhile investment in comfort, functionality and design.

If you’re considering an upgrade to maintain your building’s comfort and functionality, it’s time to explore motorized shades. Contact our team at Best Blinds & Sexy Shutters today to discuss how motorization can benefit your residential or commercial space. Add the element of ease to your daily routine with custom motorized shades!

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