Installing Plantation Shutters In Your Phoenix Homes: Pros and Cons

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Plantation shutters: where traditional interior design meets functionality. If you are looking for a timeless and classic window treatment that never goes out of style and has the ultimate lighting control, then plantation shutters are the product for you.

Installing indoor shutters in your Phoenix home is an investment that will allow you to keep the same window treatments for many years without needing to replace them. Indoor shutters are the only window covering that increases the resale value of your home.

Pros of Installing Shutters

pros of installing shutters aesthetic appeal

There are many pros associated with indoor plantation shutters.

  1. Energy Efficiency
    Wood shutters are made from sustainable hardwood, and they have a natural insulating property. Composite shutters or faux wood shutters are manmade but also with an extra layer of insulation for your windows. This translates into great energy efficiency when you have your shutter panels and louvers closed on your windows, so you use less heating and cooling to save valuable money on electricity all year round.
  2. Privacy
    Indoor plantation shutters are made so that the louvers slightly overlap when they are closed. This seals out all light, and it also gives you 100% privacy in your home because no one outside can see the interior of your home. This also creates a room-darkening effect that is great for bedrooms.
  3. Protection From Extreme Weather
    When high winds and rain stream across the Arizona mountains and foothills, you can close your shutters to protect your windows in your home. If a strong wind blows branches or other debris into your windows from the outside, your indoor shutters will protect the glass from blowing into your home and keep it contained between the window and the shutters for safety.
  4. Durability
    This is the most durable window treatment product you can possibly buy. They are made to withstand being opened and closed constantly without breaking as less hardy products such as blinds and shades do. Plantation shutters are an excellent choice for homes with small children and pets because they are tough enough to stand up to abuse. Shutters generally have a lifetime warranty to stand the test of time.
  5. Aesthetic Appeal
    Shutters are a work of art and are very beautiful with the whorls and swirls created by the wood grain in hardwood shutters and the simulated wood grain in composite shutters. You can paint or stain them in any color you wish to match your decor. If you have specialty-shaped windows, their beauty as an architectural delight is highly accented by indoor plantation shutters.

Cons of Installing Shutters

cons of installing shutters obstructing views

As with all products, there are a few drawbacks to installing shutters in your home.

  1. Cost
    Plantation shutters are a more expensive option than many other window treatments, but they are an investment in your home, and they will never need replacing and rarely need repairs for a lifetime. You can recoup your expenses in energy efficiency as well.
  2. Potential Difficulty of Installation
    Installing your shutters yourself is a labor-intensive project that takes time and patience. If they are not installed properly, they will not stay open or shut very well and will appear like cabinet door that is askew.
  3. Limited Options for Certain Types of Windows
    Some types of windows don’t have as many options when it comes to shutters. These include double-mulled windows, picture windows, some bay windows, and dormer windows.
  4. Potential for Obstructing Views
    When your shutter panels are closed and you open the louvers, you can get filtered lighting in your home. The louver size matters and wider louvers give pretty good views outside, but they do obstruct your view somewhat, although not as much as horizontal blinds with more narrow vanes in them. Your solution is to open a shutter panel entirely to have unobstructed views, but in this case, it won’t block any heat, glare, or UV rays from the sun.

How to Decide if Shutters Are Right For Your Home

If you are trying to decide if shutters are suitable for your home, you have a few considerations in your decision.

  1. Consideration of Budget
    You must be able to afford shutters and have enough money in your budget. Hardwood shutters are the more expensive version, but composite shutters are at a lower price point, so you may be able to install composite shutters in all of your windows.
  2. Evaluation of the Specific Needs and Desires of the Homeowner
    You should ask yourself if indoor plantation shutters meet all of your needs of privacy, lighting control, energy efficiency, and design capabilities. If so, then plantation shutters are a great choice.
  3. Research on The Different Types of Shutters Available
    It would be best to research the different types and styles of wood shutters available for your windows. Many styles exist, such as tier-on-tier, cafe-style shutters, and many more. The kind of shutter designates how it will operate when you open the shutter panels and how it looks.


Indoor shutters provide energy efficiency, protection from the weather, durability, light control, and privacy, and they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye while being easy to clean. If your budget allows you, you are quite a DIY enthusiast for projects, and you like a particular style, then shutters are a great option. It’s important to weigh all the pros and cons before your install shutters in your home because they are an investment in your home. It’s important to contact a window treatment expert with years of experience in designing, fabricating, and installing shutters for the best choice.

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