Why Professional Blind Installation Can Save You Money in the Long Run

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Installing new window blinds may seem like a simple DIY project. However, there are many benefits to hiring professional blind installers that can save you money in the long run. Below, we’ll explore why you should have blinds professionally installed.

The Perks of Proper Installation

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When window blinds are installed incorrectly, it can lead to a variety of problems down the road. Crooked or sagging blinds will not only look unsightly, they also won’t function properly. Blinds are much more likely to break with improper installation and need repairs or replacement sooner.

Professional installers have the skills, tools, and expertise to mount blinds perfectly so they are level, aligned, and operating correctly. Their precision installation ensures your blinds will have maximum durability and longevity.

Avoiding Amateur DIY Mistakes

If you try to install blinds yourself as a DIY project, there’s a much greater risk of making mistakes that could damage your blinds or windows. These errors often go unnoticed until it’s too late, and more money must be spent to fix them.

Some common amateur DIY blind installation mistakes include:

  • Mounting blinds unevenly or crooked
  • Damaging window frames, sills, or surrounding drywall
  • Failing to secure mounting brackets adequately
  • Stripping screws or using incorrect screw sizes
  • Improper programming of motorized or automated blinds
  • Incorrect placement of cords posing safety hazards
  • Forgetting necessary mounting hardware or anchors

Professional installers are extensively trained to avoid all of these errors and more. So you can have confidence you’ll get flawless results the first time.

Protecting Your Investment in Quality Blinds

Premium custom window blinds are a significant investment that can easily cost over $500 for a large window. With professional installation, your investment is properly protected so you get the full value from your blinds for years.

Precision installation prevents premature wear, breakage, and malfunctions. It also maintains proper alignment so the blinds continue to operate smoothly. Your blinds will last considerably longer, saving you from having to incur replacement costs sooner than expected. Proper installation also maintains the blinds’ pristine appearance over time, so they continue looking new and clean.

Enhanced Features From Installer Expertise

In addition to basic mounting, professional installers offer services to enhance the performance, functionality, and safety of your blinds:

  • Motorization and automation programming for remote control blinds
  • Cord guides, cleats, and ties to keep cords secure and out of reach of kids/pets
  • Correct center support brackets on wide blinds to prevent sagging
  • Secure external mounting of outside mount blinds to withstand weather conditions
  • Accessible dust channels for easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Addition of storm protection features like weather stripping
  • Adjustments during installation to eliminate light gaps

By utilizing these expert services, your blinds will function optimally and be safer from the get-go.

Frequently Asked Questions on Professional Blind Installation

Indications you should hire a pro include blinds hanging crooked, uneven, or sagging; hardware that seems loose or unsecured; dangling cords; difficulty mounting blinds outside the window frame; and challenges programming motorized blinds.

Typical professional blind installation costs range from $50 – $150 per window, depending on the blind size, type, mounting location, and other labor factors. More complex installations with automation can cost more.

Yes, professional installers come fully prepared with all the required brackets, screws, anchors, controls, and parts needed to properly install your specific blinds based on window size and type.

Professional Blind Installation: A Worthwhile Investment

While a DIY approach seems easy and affordable upfront, it often leads to problems and added costs down the road. Investing in professional blind installation is truly worth it in the long run. Their expertise allows for secure, precise mounting, so your blinds function their best and maintain their pristine look for years. For flawless blind installations in the Phoenix East Valley region, contact Best Blinds & Sexy Shutters today to schedule your appointment.

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