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Take a lot of calls where the first thing the customer will tell me is “We just want basic blinds… just cheap basic faux blinds, like we can buy at Home Depot”.

No problem. But that’s like saying I just need food. I’m sure if you were offered cereal, desserts, Italian food, or a plate of vegetables, you’d have a preference. With Best Blinds AZ, I want to help you get your windows covered, quickly, for as affordable a price as possible. But I also want you to be happy with what you get in your windows and more importantly for it to be a solid and good product you don’t have to worry about. But to be fair, it’s your choice. I can get you a quote for Faux Blinds quick and easy… I can usually print it on the spot after measuring, so you can get the deal moving.

What’s the difference?

Basic Blinds. Literally. When I go to my portal to order them, they’re called “Basic Blinds”. They don’t have any options except for sizes. These are just like what you get if you jump online to buy basic blinds, or go to a local hardware store and go for the more affordable versions of Faux Blinds. They’ll have a Wand Tilt, a basic Valance (no choice in what it looks like) without returns (this leaves you with a gap at the top of the blind on the sides where light comes in, or where you can sometimes even see into the mechanisms of the blinds). And though they are measured to fit… the length tends to be in 6” increments. So you could order a blind to fit… but then have an extra 4-6 inches at the bottom whether you like it or not. They may be corded, though these blinds seem to be coming more and more where Cordless is the only type now. Key driver on these seems to always be price. Almost all types have limited warranties, if any, for 1 year.

So what do I recommend?

Go Faux Wood Blinds, sure… but take my upgrade for Free Cordless Lift & Lock and several other small upgrades. My Cordless Lift & Lock keeps raising your blinds super easy. The mechanism up top activates a spring-clutch that lifts 60% of the blinds for you, so they raise and lower with ease. Cordless Lift & lock normally comes at a cost of $50 per blind.

Cord-tilt. Yep, it’s a cord…. but a cord-tilt is actually very practical. It only hangs down 60% of the blinds total height, and thats the furthest down it can go so it isn’t a hazard for your little one’s. In fact, it’s easier for kids, all they have to do is a pull to tilt the blinds open or closed.

The Valance. There are 3 options included on the look of your valance, as well as the option to have returns or not. I recommend returns, they’re more professional. They’ll cover the edges and just have a more complete and far less cheap look to them.

These also have a Lifetime Warranty. So for a very small upcharge, you get something fast, that looks good, works great, and will last… at an affordable price.

Josh Tycksen

Josh Tycksen

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