Apartment Makeover: The Top Window Shades to Consider

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Deciding whether or not to have your apartment makeover can seem daunting, but small upgrades like installing stylish new window shades can make a big difference. The right window treatments can transform any room from drab to fab. From contemporary rolls to classic panels, shades look chic but also provide privacy and light control.

If you’re looking to give your urban apartment a mini makeover, consider these top picks in window shades to elevate your space with contemporary design and stylish decor.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Window Shades

Apartment Makeover: The Top Window Shades To Consider

When selecting window shades for your apartment makeover, start by considering size, privacy needs, light control, and design style.

Size Matters

Make sure to measure your windows carefully before purchasing any shades. You’ll want the shades to fit properly within the window frame. Having the exact window measurements on hand while shopping online or in stores will ensure you select shades in the correct size.

Privacy and Light Control

Blackout shades offer full privacy and block incoming light completely. Light-filtering shades let some light in while still providing privacy. Consider which rooms need which level of light blocking. Bedrooms often benefit from blackout shades for uninterrupted sleep, while living spaces may only need light filtering.

Complement Your Style

Select window shade colors, patterns, and textures that will coordinate well with your overall interior design vision. Cool-toned spaces suit shades in grays and silvers, while warm, earthy décors pair better with bamboo window shades. Clean-lined modern rooms call for simple roller shades without any ornamentation.

Top Window Shades for Apartment Living

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These popular picks check all the boxes for stylish, functional apartment living.

1. Roller Shades

Roller shades neatly roll up and down with a chain or cord and are a top choice for apartments. Sleek and simple, roller shades work well with contemporary design.

Consider light-filtering or blackout fabric roller shades. For extra style, add decorative scallops or stripes. Top colors for urban apartments include neutral solids, steely grays, and sophisticated charcoals.

2. Roman Shades

A step up from roller shades, Roman shades have a stylish folded look when lowered. Roman shades come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, making them easy to incorporate into any design aesthetic.

To ensure easy operation in an apartment, look for cordless Roman shade options. Cordless shades use spring mechanisms within the roller to simply lift up or push down.

3. Bamboo Shades

Want to add natural texture? Bamboo shades made from sustainable bamboo reeds have an earthy, relaxed vibe perfect for urban living spaces.

Bamboo shades have the added perk of providing filtered light while maintaining privacy due to the woven construction.

Bamboo comes in an array of neutral solids, vertical/horizontal woven combinations, as well as some patterned versions.

FAQs About Apartment Window Shades

Still have some lingering questions about which window shades are best for your apartment revamp? See answers to these frequently asked interior design questions.

Yes, blackout shades that fully block external light are a top choice for urban bedrooms. Having 100% light blocking ability allows uninterrupted sleep by creating an ultra-dark room environment.

For the most polished look, choose shades that are 2 to 3 inches wider than the actual window frame on all sides. Shades installed precisely within or equal to the window opening may look undersized.

Blackout shades are made of tightly woven, opaque fabric or coated with a blackout liner to prevent light infiltration. Light-filtering shades are made of natural or synthetic sheer or semi-sheer materials that partially diffuse and soften incoming light while maintaining some privacy.

Give Your Apartment a Stylish Makeover

Installing attractive window shades is an easy, budget-friendly way to elevate any space. With so many colors, materials, and styles to pick from, you’re sure to find apartment shades that are a perfect match for your personal taste and design vision.

Upgrading basic blinds or outdated drapes to sleek, contemporary window shades can make a dramatic impact without a major renovation project or huge costs. A minor window treatment intervention is all you need to revitalize bland rooms into envy-inducing stylish statements.

Take your modern urban apartment from blah to wow by contacting the shade experts at Best Blinds & Sexy Shutters today! Their experienced design consultants can help you select the ideal shades to make over your rooms with impressive style. Book a design appointment now for custom recommendations and special savings on all your window covering needs for your home.

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