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Discover the beauty of our premium patio screens, meticulously crafted to enhance your outdoor space and provide a seamless blend of privacy and open-air living.
Patio Shades
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Our High-Quality Patio Screens in Arizona

For Phoenix and the East Valley areas, Best Blinds & Sexy Shutters provides motorized and retractable patio screens and retractable awnings. Exterior patio shades are innovative screens that retract out of sight when not in use and appear effortlessly with a touch of a button on patios and porches.

With our custom-made and professionally installed drop-down patio screens in Phoenix, you can shade any outdoor living or outdoor dining space from the sun, allow natural ventilation, control the climate, block heat and glare, keep insects away, and enhance privacy. A motorized system operates easily and smoothly, and by shading the windows and doors, it covers your patio area, giving your home great energy efficiency.


Get The Perfect Aesthetic For Your Patio

Revel in your outdoor space’s fresh air and serene ambiance while being shielded from insects and prying eyes. Our patio screens are designed to complement your lifestyle, offering the ideal balance of open-air living and privacy.

Patio screens are popular in warm and humid climates. Also called “bug-free screens,” reduce up to 55% of the sun’s UV rays while keeping mosquitoes, critters, and other insects and pests out.

Patio screens are great for sun protection, as they reduce glare and heat by up to 75% with a specialized solar fabric. They create more UV protection, pest control, and shade for your outdoor areas and give you the benefit of privacy for peace of mind.

Choose insect screens for a higher openness factor, having more airflow and a breeze with a great view outside the area. Choose solar screens for areas with less ventilation and an air-conditioned or heated patio for your outdoor comfort.

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